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Addtime:2015/7/27 23:31:45
Wenzhou robot exchange: "machine substitutions" can not "follow the crowd""
The 2015 Zhejiang Taiwan cooperation week and the second forum on innovation and development of private economy across the Taiwan Straits were held in Wenzhou. More than 100 entrepreneurs from all over Wenzhou have participated. More than 10 entrepreneurs from our city have been invited to participate in the Wenzhou Taiwan industrial robot technology exchange meeting in Wenzhou. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
The scene, Taiwan industrial robot association director, Pingtung University of science and technology, Department of Civil Engineering Professor Mr. Ke Qianhe of Taiwan industrial robot association work, work performance and industrial robot are introduced for future industrial development. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
In recent years, the city's human resources costs continue to rise, has become a bottleneck hindering the development of enterprises, more and more enterprises focus on automation technology and equipment of industrial robot as the representative, hoping to find the optimal solution to achieve industrial upgrading. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
Last year, Wenzhou regulation industrial enterprises "machine substitutions" coverage reached 28%, higher than the province's average 7 points, ranking first in the province. However, there are many enterprises in transition, and found that the use of robots is not too mature, maintenance difficulties and other issues. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
"Even in Taiwan, the full implementation of machine substitutions, all automation is not realistic, very difficult." Qianhe Ke said, according to the development experience of Taiwan, machine substitutions can change to 30% to 50% to be good, "a lot of robot or can not do, is easier to implement" machine help ", that is to say people working with machines." Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
The relevant experts in Taiwan also made analysis and suggestions on the application of industrial robots and the achievements they have made. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
In recent years, our city private enterprises also accelerated the pace, although the machine substitutions gradually eased the artificial shortage, but also encountered a new bigger test, that is the shortage of skilled workers, especially the lack of talent of automation equipment and production line, facing the problems of operation and maintenance. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
Entrepreneurs have said that these activities are significant, and can understand the front of more information, but as the Yueqing local enterprises, must be based on the actual situation, to understand the production process of the enterprise, in-depth workshops, these cutting-edge information and local enterprises organically together, have a real effect. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
Giant group president Zhang Xiaofang:
The topic of industrial robots is one of the topics that entrepreneurs are most concerned about. Glorytex invested three years ago on the introduction of ring network cabinet pipeline welding system of foreign countries, combined with the work by machine, the qualified rate of the products is improved, the workshop staff reduction, efficiency increase, the robot industry brings hitherto unknown revolution to. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
So in recent years, Jubang continued investment, automation of informatization of some workshop, such as transformer circuit breaker assembly line workshop, etc., through the transformation and substitution machine, some original line members each to more than 10 people, now only two people can do the same amount of work, more important is the comprehensive performance improve the product. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
At the same time, we also found that industrial robots for the city's private enterprises, there are limitations, the robot is suitable for fully automated assembly line, and some special positions, such as welding, injection molding, etc., robots are not applicable. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
In recent years, I also found through careful research, manufacturing market competition, price competition is serious, the enterprise almost no profit, so some business owners to increase investment enthusiasm is not high, especially to speed up the pace of machine substitution lag, which restricts the better development of enterprises. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
So I suggest the private enterprises to the development of original products, explore new marketing model, to carry out the two similar products research and development, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises; to learn from our city some excellent private enterprises, more exchanges, learn from their experience, the only way to make Yueqing more stable and faster development of private enterprises. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
"Machine substitutions" can't go with the flow"
Huang Xinyao, deputy general manager of CHINT instruments:
For the machine substitutions, I personally think that the most important machine substitutions, not machines to replace, but to update the traditional mode of thinking, to update equipment to drive technology innovation, process innovation and management innovation, change the mode of development relying on low labor cost, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. To this end, in the "machine substitution" process, we should be more concerned about the staff, because "the machine is critical, but people are the core."". Only when the quality of the staff has been improved can the advanced production technology be integrated into the whole production management system, and ultimately the production intelligence and decision-making will be scientific and the information technology will be integrated with industrialization. Wenzhou Robot Service: Jiade automation company
CHINT instrument company "machine substitution" is not "follow the crowd", but according to its own reality
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