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Automatic welding machine controlled by PLC, automatic welding machine welding product efficiency is high, the operator does not need to know the automatic welding machine welding technology, also can weld the perfect pipe flange products. Automatic welding machine with high efficiency, good welding quality, a flange automatic welding production is equivalent to 3 manual welding production, automatic welding machine and the welding quality is stable, not affected by artificial emotion and technical quality. All operations are controlled by PLC, the touch screen can be set up automatic welding machine related data, and can be stored in the system, the next time the same type of welding machine products, just call the data in the computer, no need to re-enter.
Jiade automation welding equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd is a set (automatic welding machine) design, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises. Since its establishment, has been committed to the factory production process automation, set foot in areas ranging from valves, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels, oil, household appliances and other industries. With strong technical connotation, strict production and processing, customer service and thoughtful service, the Ka (automatic welding machine) products are industrial automation to contribute.
The company's products are various types of automatic welding and cutting equipment, multi axis CNC equipment and robot workstations.
Leading products are: automatic valve welding machine series; automatic cylinder welding machine; excavator automatic welding machine series; water pump automatic welding machine series, etc.. Technology updates, product improvement is the company's biggest connotation, customer satisfaction, social recognition is the company's largest extension.
The company will always uphold the "principle of technology foundation, integrity-based", become the customer pre-sale model, customer service support.
Applicable products: large pipe flanges, forged steel valves, all welded ball valves, small three way flanges, elbow flanges, automotive three yuan catalytic converters, automobile storage tanks, fire tubes, etc..

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