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Addtime:2015/6/30 9:35:18
As market trends change, the robot industry products have changed accordingly. Robot industry is becoming a hot spot in China's current market. Both from the parties to accelerate the influx of funds, all kinds of enterprises competing layout, or from the government has introduced industrial park planning, have been fully demonstrated.
Robots are divided into industrial robots and service robots. The biggest feature of service robots is intelligence, including perception, movement and thinking. Among them, the ability to solve thinking and follow up feedback is the technical barrier of the core of service robot. It involves the effective identification of the basic techniques such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language understanding, autonomic cloud computing and multidimensional feature analysis techniques.
The Wenzhou robot belongs to the category of industrial robots. The industrial robot is a multi joint manipulator or multi degree of freedom robot for industry. An industrial robot is a machine device for automatic execution. It is a machine that implements various functions by means of its own power and control capability. It can accept human command or run in a pre programmed manner, and modern industrial robots can act according to the principles and programs formulated by artificial intelligence technology.
It is expected that the market potential and industrial scale of industrial robots and service robots will continue to grow in at least 5-10 years.

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