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China's robotics industry has just started
Addtime:2015/6/29 12:28:57
As the CEO of Denmark Universal Robots Limited (the proud robot), Enrique Krogh Everson is very busy, but very punctual. Than before the "international finance" reporter appointment had so few minutes, he had been seated waiting for the arrival of the reporters, although he was just off the plane soon, or even just "hastily" for lunch. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
Even so, in talking to reporters, he was a talkative robot: optimistic about the market potential, especially in recent years, the development of China, let him feel slightly shocked, and bluntly, the Android Market not lack of China this huge cake". "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
He also admitted that in the face of huge demand, the company will focus on timely transfer to China, in order to seize demand, close to the Chinese market customers. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
From small to big companies
Iverson to China many times, every time, he can see the new changes. But in China, he prefers to talk about robotics and the development of robotics. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
Even so, the "International Financial Times" reporter asked him to talk about the past, Allen Iverson will also be a gentleman to answer, and hope to meet the needs of reporters. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
In fact, the exchange, the reporter learned that the Iverson to inherit his family business plan in the enterprise strategy, "don't worry about eating and drinking", but the pursuit of him, or to another Denmark Corporation, Maersk Logistics giant to do an occupation managers. This experience created him, and also let him have a wealth of management experience. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
Prior to joining the proud robot, he was the sales director and partner of Krogh Everson Ltd. (now Scan Limited), the largest producer of heating stoves in denmark. At that time he was responsible for opening up the international market for the company. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
After that, in 2008, he arrived at the proud robot as CEO and partner. Now, even he himself did not expect, proud robot will become a global company, will enter the Chinese market. Because, at the beginning of the establishment, he still saw the information of the company in the advertisement page of the newspaper. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
But in his view, thanks to the development of the past few years, the proud robot has been making progress. He was happy to tell reporters about his two robot products, UR-5 and UR-10. See reporters do not understand, he also patiently explained to reporters constantly such or such functions. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
"From a business standpoint, using an UR robot is actually an investment." He said, in short, the price of UR robot with other robot similar price, but the investment of these robots, because of the reduction of a lot of other time cost, save a lot of labor costs, "so, compared with other conventional robot, the robot not only the original investment investment cycle and 40%-60% investment return is very short". "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
Tap the Chinese market
But Iverson is not only for the robot in the promotion. In his view, these robots are very suitable for China's needs, "it can be said that the company is an important part of the layout of the Chinese market".
"We will increase the importance of the Chinese market, and constantly bring new, because the market demand is very large."." Allen Iverson said, "so, the outside world says' quit the Chinese market ', I don't understand."
He stressed that not to mind taking the trouble told this reporter, "in Chinese and the world, we have seen this trend is increasingly dependent on high-tech automation, more and more use of robotic applications to some new industrial automation process." "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
"From the robot industry as a whole, the industry is growing at a very high rate.". From the point of view of the robot, it is still a very new field, so it releases a stronger signal. Therefore, I believe that the potential of the Chinese market in this respect is very large. Even now it can be judged that the growth rate is very rapid in the future." "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
Manufacturing robot density, the number of multi-functional robots owned by every 10000 workers, is the benchmark for measuring a country's automation. "Wenzhou Robot Service: Wenzhou Jiade automation company"
At present, the available data show that the total number of one hundred million Chinese manufacturing industry workers calculation, in 2020 is expected to reach the current, the developed countries in the world of robots installed in medium density level, such as the Italy 150 / million, China robot need to increase the installed capacity of 1 million 300 thousand Taiwan; 2030 is expected to reach the current developed countries in the world, robot installed density advanced level, such as the German 250 / million, China need to increase the robot installed capacity of 2 million 500 thousand taiwan. The status quo is that the number of industrial robots per 10000 industrial workers in China is less than half of the international average of 58. Wenzhou robot service provider: Wenzhou Jia De
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