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Automatic welder
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Automatic welder
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Principle of automatic welding machine: numerical control (PLC) automatic welding.
Resistor, arc welding power source, ultrasonic wave, laser power supply as automatic welding equipment for welding source.
Ring seam automatic welding machine can be divided into the following kinds:
B ring seam automatic welding welder a vertical.
The welding positioner
3 welding machine (aka welding center)
The automatic welding seam profile ring.
It will be very easy to manual welding pipe welding, it can only rework tubes, third, manual welding is easy to produce pores or slag, cause welding defects, so now more and more manufacturers began to use the tube plate automatic welding machine for welding of tube plates.
Constant maintenance, immediate maintenance".
Almost all of the boiler factory can use automatic welding machine.
There are argon arc welding machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, carbon dioxide gas protection welding machine, ordinary AC and DC welding machine, etc..
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