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Four advantages of automatic welding machine
Addtime:2015/4/13 10:26:39
Because of its advantages of light weight, low cost, stable quality, short production cycle, high efficiency and fast market response, automatic welding machine has more and more applications. Like the developed countries in the world, the total amount of steel processed by welding is more than that of other processing methods. The following describes the advantages of automatic welding machine:
First of all, automatic welding machine efficiency is high. As the pressure of the cylinder, the force is twice as fast as the reaction in the hydraulic cylinder. Operation and maintenance services are very convenient. Because there is no hydraulic station, the product can be adjusted, pilot, fault point less, this phenomenon will not occur, such as oil spills.
Secondly, requirements on the grid. The grid can only lower 250KVA content. High precision of welding. By using the programmable controller PLC and imported stepper motor to control the flash process, can accurately set the melted volume and the burnt speed; to control the welding current through a resistance welding controller. After welding head center distance error can be controlled in the in + 0.2mm, to facilitate the group sheet welding.
Again, the automatic alignment function. Ensure the pipe ends of the column and the two head end spacing between automatic welding machine, which ends melted volume consistent.
Finally, energy-saving radiator. Flash butt welding machine is used in resistance welding transformer two 125KVA power supply, pneumatic pressing, forging, hydraulic station. Compared with other single-phase AC resistance welding transformer with two 315KVA and two 18KVA hydraulic station power welding machine, UN-250AB welding machine can save electricity up to 78. Percent.
Experience in automatic welding equipment of wind and rain, especially in the light shine in the shipbuilding industry was the most dazzling, he indicates that we completely rely on foreign technology and equipment from the "parasitic" survival environment out, new order began independent research and development.
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