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Safety operation rules for welding robot
Addtime:2015/4/3 13:40:50
The operator must follow the following operating procedures
Before operation:
1. The equipment must be checked before starting and the equipment is in good condition to start the work.
2. Check whether the voltage, air pressure and indicator light are normal, whether the welding fixture is in good condition and whether the workpiece is installed is in place.
3. Check and clean the site to ensure that there is no inflammable and explosive materials.
4 / two clamp work station should have isolation board, ensure that shading effect is good, in place. The channel between welding stations must be unobstructed.
Two working hours:
1. When you turn on the machine, you must confirm that there are no other personnel in the robot's movement area
2. Wear long sleeves work clothes, work gloves, with protective glasses, do not expose the foot shoes, prevent the welding slag burns.
3, fingers, hair, clothing, etc., do not close to the spinning device rotating parts, to guard against involvement in accidents.
4. The operating room should be meticulous and attentive, the workpiece should be put in place, the clamping device of the fixture must be firmly secured, and the workpiece must be far away from the welding part when the workpiece is finished.
5 when welding work is carried out, other personnel are forbidden to enter the range of robot movement.
6, if the robot work abnormal or welding quality problems, immediately stop repair, non professional personnel can not act without authorization.
7. Cleaning the scene, cleaning the robot, debugging, maintenance and other work must be done before the stop.
Three after shutdown
1. Turn off the gas circuit and cut off the power supply of the equipment.
2, overip, welding slag dust in the region, clean up debris, cleaning robot, electrical box and other parts. Do the equipment inspection record.

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